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Duurzame babywinkel & kinderwinkel the baby's corner

25 years of the baby's corner

because life is a party! 

1996. Mandela ratifies the new constitution in South Africa, the Spice Girls jump into the summer with their hit Wannabe and Dolly makes history as the first cloned sheep. But in a small brave village in East Flanders, Sonia Pypaert begins another story, our story. 25 years of the baby's corner, a quarter of a century of baby happiness. An anniversary is usually a moment of reflection on what lies behind you, but not for us. We want to contribute to nest warmth, to the powerful and happy growth of children and to the lasting softness of every mother's heart. So that is what we are celebrating this year.

be the change you want to see

Children are changing our world forever. We want to see them play, enjoy and grow up in the best possible conditions. We therefore want to set an example for everyone who visits us, with one goal in mind: to see our children playing in pure nature, learning to swim in the sea and ponds, and hearing them play into green forests. That is why we are putting extra emphasis on sustainable business practices for the future.

a business, but not as usual

In those 25 years, the baby's corner evolved into a team that wants to give its best. Together we are building the store of the future. With the digital transformation, the baby's corner has grown into a unique omnichannel player, known in Belgium and far beyond. Very creatively we provide solutions for all the important needs of (future) parents. Much more than delivering high quality products, we have become a community where customers can find practical information, advice and shared experiences.

a strong team

The baby's corner grew into a retail company with a team of 25 employees. The largest baby and children's store in Flanders for (future) moms and dads with three sales channels: a store (2500m²), webshop and (online) birth lists. Above all, we offer good advice with a smile. We are a warm nest for moms and dads, a unique place full of love for baby, child and mom.

our team

the baby’s corner goes international

Baby happiness is of all times and so we are moving with the times as we are launching a multilingual website. Our dream lists are now trilingual: Dutch, French and English. Sharing them with family and friends is babyfunding with a big smile. Even more, from now on our magazine Spruitjes, full of tips, trendy products, facts and must-haves, will also have a French-speaking brother.

our ambition

Our ambition is to be the most complete and surprising baby and children's store in Belgium with more than 200 wonderful collections, most of which are from our own country or Europe. Everything for mom, baby and child: from maternity wear, baby and children's clothing, baby carriages, children's rooms, toys, bicycles to book bags, etc.

our product range