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Safety at home is not always as simple as it seems. We often don't think about what can be dangerous for our children. Not only are all kinds of door or window openings and stairs a danger, what do you do with the fireplace or how do you cover all your sockets for those curious little fingers? Since 1947, BabyDan has specialised in safety products for children between the ages of 0 and 5, offering solutions for all these situations. With BabyDan you get safety products which guarantee maximum quality and absolute safety for you and your child. Babydan has won many prizes and awards for its products, both nationally and internationally. Moreover, the company is very committed to the environment. The company is ISO 14001 certified, which guarantees that they produce with a minimum of waste, energy consumption and environmental impact. The production of all articles, as well as all safety and quality tests, takes place in Denmark. In this way, the company shows that in all areas, it is committed to the safety, well-being and optimal development of your child.

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-20% Babydan Cup Holder
€ 12,99 € 10,39
-20% Babydan Door gate Lise - wit
€ 79,99 € 63,99