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Wat is een geboortelijst en waar leg je een lijst aan in België

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A baby on the way, you are eagerly looking forward to that. Come browse, get inspired and discover an endearing choice of baby articles and baby clothes. Do you make your birth list with us? Then you can follow up online who has bought what and you can add items from the wonderful collections where and when you want. Baby happiness is of all times and yet we are moving with the times as we launched our birth list tool on our website where parents-to-be can compose their dream list and share it with their family and friends. Babyfunding with a big smile! Our wonderful shop is all www. We already had a website with a webshop and now we have the wonderful online birthlist tool at the same address and it's all-in! Take a (virtual) walk through the wonderful collections and let yourself be charmed time and again by inspiring brands in all styles.




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Leg jij je geboortelijstje aan bij the baby's corner? Dan krijg je er van ons een super leuke mama's essentials bag gevuld met een volledig newborn setje van Tales of Glory en de zwangerschapsgids Onder mama's bovenop! Wie houdt er nu niet van cadeautjes? Lees hier alvast alles over de voordelen van het aanleggen van jouw geboortelijst bij the baby’s corner.

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Our new online birthlist tool has been developed with and for mums and dads! You'll find everything you need from checklist to dreamlist. You can adjust and add your items whenever and wherever you want, check which items have already become gifts and read the inspiring articles from our blog with tips, tricks and all our new collections. Compile your complete birthlist from A to Z, invite family and friends with a password of your own choice and watch the baby list of your dreams quickly and easily become yours. The baby's corner is and remains a trendsetter. Curious what we have in store for you?

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Here at the baby's corner we are almost all mums and that only contributes to our big heart for baby and child, that's for sure! We try to make a difference every day by taking the time for you. Wondering why mums and dads have been choosing the baby's corner as their birthlist shop for more than 20 years? Discover all the advantages in a row:

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Our super cozy plane has no employees but mums on board who will assist you with all your questions and concerns. After all, mums are coaches for life. Float with them through our shop and experience all the beauty and news, in business class with the best advice.

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As future parents, you want to prepare well for the birth of your baby. A big step is putting together a birth list full of baby things for your little wonder. Visit the baby's corner without obligation, a team of moms is ready for you with tips and advice on linking the right baby products according to your wishes. In addition, we help you on your way with choosing the right supplies for your little one.

What to put on your birth list

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Our brand new birth list tool on our website has been developed with and for parents-to-be! You will find everything you need there and you can adjust and supplement your items whenever and wherever you want and see which items have already become gifts. Read the inspiring articles of our blog with tips, tricks and all the new collections in peace. Remember, our team of moms are here for you. If you have any questions or need advice, don't hesitate to contact us.

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The wonderful world of the baby's corner is populated by a fairytale team of all mums, and they know a lot. Girlpower, knowledge, rest and time they reserve for you. Ask us out loud, because motherhood is the greatest and most beautiful adventure of your life.

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