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Yay, a baby on the way . Come browse through our shop in Nazareth or Hasselt, get inspired and discover an endearing selection of baby and kids articles. Do you want te create a birth list at the baby's corner? Know that you can follow online who bought what and you can add items from the beautiful collections whenever and wherever you want.




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geboortelijstactie april

gratis online zwangerschapscursus t.w.v. €79
Lieve mama, bevestig de waarborg van je geboortelijst in april en krijg als kers op de taart de online zwangerschapscursus van mamacommunity Onder mama's cadeau (t.w.v. €79)! Omdat jij een extra dosis liefde en ondersteuning verdient tijdens deze spannende reis.

Vroedvrouw Jana neemt je tijdens 7 uitgebreide videolessen mee op de magische reis naar jullie baby. Geen ellenlange consultaties of uitjes naar de vroedvrouw, maar een handige online zwangerschapscursus die je van a tot z kan volgen op jouw eigen tempo: van zwangerschap tot arbeid, types bevallingen en kraamweek

*Actie geldig voor geboortelijsten waarvan de waarborg betaald wordt in april.

a gift for you

Are you creating your birth list at the baby's corner? Then we'll give you a super cute mama's essentials bag filled with a newborn set from Tales of Glory and the pregnancy guide Onder mama's on top! Who doesn't like presents?

dream lists become birth lists

Our online baby birthing list tool has been developed with and for parents-to-be! You can adjust and add items from our online shop whenever and wherever you want, check which items have already become gifts on your baby list and of course read the inspiring articles from our blog with tips, tricks and all new collections.

Compile your entire birth list from A to Z, invite family and friends, and see how the baby stuff of your dreams becomes yours quickly and easily.

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your advantages

Here at the baby's corner we are almost all mums and that only adds to our big heart for baby and child, that's for sure! We try to make a difference every day by taking the time for you. Wondering why mums and dads from Ghent, Antwerp, Hasselt and all over Belgium and beyond have chosen the baby's corner as their birth list shop for over 25 years now? Discover all the advantages:

the birth list of your dreams

At the baby's corner, we turn your journey of discovery into a true fairy tale in baby- & kids wonderland. The baby's corner is one of Belgium's top suppliers of birth lists and continues to be a trendsetter. Curious what we have in store for you?

what to put on your birth list

As a pregnant mum and future dad, you want to prepare well for the birth of your baby. A big step is to compile a birth list full of baby items for your little miracle. Visit us at the baby's corner, where we have a team of mums ready to give you tips and advice on picking the right baby products according to your wishes. In addition, we will help you choose the right supplies for your little one.

What to put on your birth list

my online birth list

Our online birth list tool has been developed with and for parents-to-be! You will find everything you need, and you can edit, add to and view items that have already been gifted whenever and wherever you want. Remember, our team of mums is here for you. If you have any questions or need advice, don't hesitate to contact us.

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from mum to mum

The wonderful world of the baby's corner is populated by a fairy-tale team of mums and they know how things work. Girlpower, knowledge and a lot of time they reserve for you. Ask us anything you like, because motherhood is the biggest and most beautiful adventure of your life.

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birth list second child

The baby's corner is not just for your firstborn. You will also need something new for your next children, and your friends, family and colleagues will be happy to give you a nice present. This can be something wonderful for the baby, but also something very nice for your older child(ren). Think: toys, clothes, the nursery, the car seat, a children's bike, ...

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twin birth list

Expecting twins? That means twice as much happiness! Expecting twins is just that little bit more exciting, which is why our team is happy to help you on your way with your complete twin equipment. Extra fun: you get a 10% gift voucher on all birth list items and a 15% gift voucher on all identical products that you put on your list in multiples.

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"With a first child, you can sometimes lose track of what you need, but at the baby's corner you get expert advice on everything from prams to bedding. It's also really good that everything is in the showroom. That way you can at least test the pram and that was very important to us."

Hannah, mum of baby Lila