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Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question? We are happy to help you! Our moms are ready for you with advice and assistance for all your questions, ideas and maybe also worries about your baby, your child, your pregnancy. A warm welcome to all moms, dads, grandmothers and grandfathers in our huge store full of great inspiration for everything your baby needs: toys, clothes, furniture, baby equipment, prams, ... and bring your baby to our paradise!

E-mail us, call us on +32 9 381 12 70 or visit the store: 
Steenweg Deinze 33, 9810 Nazareth, Belgium
Aldestraat 40, 3500 Hasselt, Belgium

Home delivery by DPD 

The shipping of your package is free in Belgium and the Netherlands from €50 
An order with a total value under €50? The shipping cost for Belgium is €4.99 and for the Netherlands €6.99
Pick up in store

Pick-up of your package at the shop in Nazareth is always free of charge. You will receive a confirmation when your order is ready for pick up. Please always have your order confirmation with you when you come to the store to pick up your package. Your package is ready at the checkout, at the exit of the store.

Picking up your parcel in the Hasselt shop (opening October 2022) is not possible.
Shipping in Belgium and the Netherlands 

Your order will be shipped for free from a purchase amount of €50. Is the total amount of your order less than €50? Then you pay €5.99 (BE) or €8.99 (NL) shipping costs.
European shipping

Do you want to ship your order to countries other than Belgium or the Netherlands? That's possible! These are all the countries we can ship parcels to:

Bulgaria €    36,99
Croatia €    36,99
Czech Republic €    23,99
Danmark €    18,99
Deutschland €    12,99
Espana €    32,99
Estland €    23,99
Finland (Suomi) €    35,99
France €    16,99
Hungary €    23,99
Ireland €    20,99
Italia  €    20,99
Latvia €    23,99
Lithuania €    23,99
Luxembourg €    10,99
Norge €    36,99
Österreich €    18,99
Poland €    23,99
Portugal €    42,99
Romania €    36,99
Serbia €    36,99
Slovakia €    23,99
Slovenia €    23,99
Sweden €    23,99


  • We ship your package on weekdays within 24 hours after receiving your order. You will receive a shipping confirmation from us when your package has left.
  • Do you order during the weekend? Then we will ship your package on Monday.
  • During busy periods, the 24-hour shipping period may be longer.
We try to process your order as quickly as possible so it's not possible to change your order. If you still have a question, plaese contact us by e-mail or by phone on +32 9 381 12 70
Let us know as soon as possible. If your package is not on its way yet, we are happy to adjust it.
At the checkout there is a box where you can enter your discount code. This discount is calculated automatically. Only 1 discount code can be used at a time and this discount cannot be combined with other benefits.
Online, you can pay with:
  • Card
  • KBC Online / CBC Online
  • ING Homepay
  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • iDeal
  • Paypal
  • Gift voucher the baby’s corner
In the store you can pay with:
  • Cash
  • Card
  • Payconiq
  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • Gift voucher the baby’s corner
  • Consumption vouchers

Products with an eco-label can be paid with ecocheques.

To guarantee a secure online payment and the security of the personal data, the transaction data is encrypted with SSL technology and sent over the internet.

If you have a gift voucher from the baby's corner, you can enter this code at the checkout in the box provided. Multiple gift cards can be used at the same time. A gift voucher is always valid for 1 year.
A voucher (which you receive after exchanging items) is valid for 3 months and can only be used in the store for the time being.
Companies and liberal professions have the option of requesting an invoice with an online order. This is sent with the order or is available when the customer collects the items in our store.
Purchase at the store 

You have 7 days to return or exchange the item in the store. These items must be unused and in their original packaging. The amount returned will be refunded in the form of a voucher.
Online purchase 

You have up to 14 days after receipt to return items. These items must be unused and in their original packaging. Returning clothes? Make sure the label is still attached to the clothing.
Send an email with your return request and your account number to the baby's corner. An employee will inform you further about the return process. The costs for the return are for your account. Free returns are possible in the store in Nazareth, Belgium.
When you return an item because of a mistake by the baby's corner, we will provide you with a return label. With this label you can return the item free of charge.

The amount will be refunded to your account after receipt of your return. Please contact us by e-mail or by telephone on +31 9 381 12 70
You can return the items to the following address:

The baby's corner
Steenweg Deinze 33
9810 Nazareth
Return after store purchase

You have 7 days to return or exchange the item in the store. These items must be unused and in their original packaging. The amount returned will be refunded in the form of a voucher. This voucher is valid for 3 months.
Return after webshop sale

The return will be processed in the baby's corner after receipt. The refund will be processed within 14 days of receipt of the return, provided we have received your account number by e-mail.
At the baby's corner you can always place your birth list and enjoy all the advantages that the birth list entails. There is no minimum purchase amount or no minimum number of items required. 

Can I make an appointment in the store for the creation of the birth list? 

We warmly invite you to visit us in Nazareth or Hasselt to plan and realise your birth list together. Here at the baby's corner we are practically all mothers. It contributes fully to our understanding of the countless questions about pregnancy and baby. We will help you with that. We promise.

You can schedule your appointment online. It is up to you to tell us how much time you would like to allocate for the appointment of your birth list.

  •  Extended appointment (+/- 2 hours) 
  • Short appointment (+/- 1h) 
  • Make your own birth list in the store and collect things to your heart's content. There is always someone available if you need a word of explanation.
The relationship with you is very important to us and we will always be there for you with advice tailored to your needs of future parents and grandparents for over 25 years now. Personal contact is our mission, from the comfort of your couch or in our shops in Nazareth and Hasselt. That is where we make the difference with other shops.

The provisional birth list is finalized with the payment of the deposit (€100). For this you will immediately receive a package with magical gifts from the baby's corner and Tales of Glory. The deposit of €100 will of course be fully refunded when you close your birth list.
We do not have a purchase obligation*, so you are free to fill your birth list to your heart's content with wonderful gifts. *We make an exception for certain items: furniture, prams, car seats and seasonal clothing. The items that are custom ordered from you (e.g. personalized items) also have a purchase obligation. This means that these items must be purchased. You can always indicate these items with an obligation to purchase on the online birth list with 'priority', so that the donor knows that these are important items that you really want in your home. You can find the articles with purchase obligation in your online birth list, both in the overview and per article.
It is not possible to divide an article into segments because this can be confusing for the parent and donor. There are standard gift vouchers on the birth list that you as a parent will receive in your mailbox immediately after purchase. You can use the gift vouchers to purchase (more expensive) items on your birth list yourself.
Once you place an item on your birth list, the price of that item is fixed.
From the moment you publish your list (after payment of the deposit), it is immediately visible to donors to whom you pass on the donor login. You received this donor login in your mailbox upon publication. Sometimes family and/or friends come straight to the store to buy a gift even before the birth. However, do you wish to keep a few things hidden from these birth donors (eg gender-linked items)? Then you do not indicate these articles in the online birth lists with 'show before birth'. In this way, the baby's corner team knows which items they can show to these enthusiastic donors.
Up to 14 days after delivery or collection of the items you wish to return, you may exchange them for the value of the item in a credit note*. This is only valid if the items have not been used, are not damaged and are in their original packaging.

The articles can be exchanged in the shop in Nazareth. Do you prefer to return these items? Then you can do so at your own expense, we do not provide a return label.

*Except for articles that are obligatory to purchase.
Can't remember your login or password? Then contact us and we will personally help you to change your password in our system.
Via the button 'dream lists' you will arrive at a web page where you can log in to a birth list as a donor.
The login consists of the first name and the name of the child, written together without spaces, accents and punctuation marks. The password is the child's date of birth (ddmmyyyy). Ex. Chloé Janssens was born on 07/10/2019 – login: chloejanssens, password: 07102019.

Twins? Then you log in with both first names and the last name, also written together without spaces, accents and punctuation marks. Ex. Chloé and Jules Janssens, born on 07/10/2019 - login: chloejulesjanssens, password: 07102019.
The most complete baby checklist with everything for your baby can be found here! Check off the products you already have and take a look in the store or online for the products you are still looking for. After all, you need a lot of stuff to take care of your baby. But where do you start? What is handy to have and what are real baby must-haves? With this ultimate baby checklist you can be sure that you have all the essential baby items at home and that you will welcome, pamper and care for your little one with peace of mind. Enjoy!
In the store you immediately choose your favorite items, which you can immediately add to your birth list via your smartphone. We therefore invite you to visit us to discuss, plan and realize your birth list together. Here at the baby's corner we are almost all moms and that only contributes to our big heart for baby and child. This fully contributes to our understanding of the countless questions about pregnancy and baby. We help you with that. Promised.
On the website you can scroll through the catalog and filter by category, brand, colour, ... so that you can easily make a choice from our wide range. The items you add from this online catalog will appear on your birth list as 'pending' items. You have 7 days to confirm these items. If you do not confirm them yourself, we will automatically place them for you after 7 days as an extra service.
Would you like to make a birth list at the baby's corner? Then you can do it 100% online, possibly combined with visits to the shop in Nazareth or Hasselt.

If it is impossible for you to come to a shop (e.g. because of pregnancy rest, ...), then we are happy to give you personal advice on compiling your birth list by phone or video chat. The best way to do this is to contact Martine on 09 381 12 77.  
After adding your favourite items to your birth list, you have 7 days to confirm or delete them. After this period, the items automatically go to 'confirmed' status and you cannot delete them anymore.

Why is this? For more than 25 years now, The Baby's Corner has opted for a very personal approach in which the wishes of mums and dads always come first. We make sure that all the items on your birth list are reserved in the shop some 3 weeks before the birth. The automatic confirmation after 7 days gives us the time to put your chosen items on order, so that we can keep our promise that they will be here in time for the arrival of your baby.
You can assign a priority to your birth list items. You do this with preferred items that you would like to receive first, mandatory items, etc. You often need these items first as soon as your baby is born. The label 'priority' ensures that family and friends can take this preference into account. You can change this priority status for each item at any time.
Before the birth of the baby, you may choose to hide items from family and friends. This often involves gender-specific items or things you would like to keep to yourself for a while. Once these items have the label 'hide for birth', they are not (yet) visible to family and friends.

If donors visit the shop in Nazareth before the birth of the baby, these items will not be shown either.

Once the baby is born, these hidden items will automatically be visible so that family and friends can shop to their heart's content.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to add promotional items to your birth list. You will receive a 10% discount on all birth list purchases in the form of a gift voucher when you close your birth list.
Would you like to purchase a promotional item? 
  • You can do this directly in the store or on the webshop at the promotional price 
  • Then this can be added to your birth list at the original price

We ensure that all birth list items (excl. furniture*) are available about 3 weeks before the birth. Would you like some items to be delivered earlier? Then it is best to buy these well in advance on the birth list, so that we can order them for you earlier. If the items are available with us, you can find them on the online birth list under the status 'available for collection/delivery'.
*Bedroom furniture on the birth list 

As soon as all bedroom furniture on the birth list has been purchased, you can place it on order in the parent module under 'delivery/collection'. The average delivery time is about 4 weeks. We will contact you to schedule the delivery of the furniture. It is therefore best to buy the furniture about 8 weeks before the expected delivery date, so that it is certainly delivered on time to prepare your baby's room. 

*By this we mean: bed, chest of drawers, cupboard, wall rack, bedside table, rocking chair, extensions of chests of drawers, extension for beds. Like all other items, we provide parks, cribs, changing tables and bathroom furniture 3 weeks before the date of birth.
You get access to the online parenting module as soon as your birth list is created. This means that you can check at any time which items have been bought from the list and when, and by whom. The items on your birth list are divided with different statuses (filters):

  • Pending: When adding items to the birth list, you have 7 days to confirm or delete these items. After these 7 days have passed, we automatically post the items as confirmed.
  • Confirmed: These items are on order for you. It is not possible to remove these items from your birth list. We will make sure they are available for you in the shop in Nazareth about 3 weeks before the birth (excluding furniture).
  • Not yet collectible/deliverable: These items have already been purchased, but are still on order. They are not yet available for collection or delivery.
  • Collectable / deliverable: These articles are available in the shop in Nazareth. You can come and collect them or activate a delivery.
  • Picked up by donor: These items were picked up by the donor. You may expect them soon as a gift from this donor.
  • Delivered / collected by you: These items are on their way to you or have arrived at your home in the meantime.
Gifts can be bought physically in the shop in Nazareth. Family and friends can buy a gift from the birth list department in the Nazareth shop. The items on the birth list are neatly stored in the shop's birthplace, where each donor can choose from the gift list.

In the shop in Hasselt, gifts can be bought via the online birth list. Gifts cannot be taken home by donors as they are kept for the baby in Nazareth.

When purchasing a gift on your birth list, the donor gets the chance to leave a personal message. Furthermore, the donor can choose whether to take the gift himself or have it collected by the parents.

Did you receive a login from the parents? Then you can use this unique login to log in to the birth list and shop for the baby to your heart's content. Did you not receive a unique login? Then you can log in to the birth list by entering the first name and name of the baby (without spaces, accents and punctuation marks) as login. The password is the date of birth of the child in the form of DMMMYYYY.
The donor chooses from the items on the online birth list and can pay with various payment options. The donor can choose to collect the items in store or deliver the items to the parents.
Gift vouchers purchased online will be sent to parents immediately by e-mail. The gift voucher is attached to the email. 

With the gift voucher you as a parent can buy items to your heart's content on the birth list, on the webshop or in the store.

The gift voucher remains valid for 1 year after issue. The value of the purchased gift vouchers is not included in the calculation of the total birth list amount. An overview of the purchased gift vouchers can always be found in the settings module of the online birth list.
Are you logged in as a parent on your birth list? Then you can purchase your gifts yourself from your item overview. Your own purchases on your birth list also count towards the 10% gift voucher that you receive when you close your list.
We provide one free delivery of the nursery furniture per birth list and one free delivery at the closing of the birth list.

As a parent, you can activate an additional home delivery for every purchase of €500. You choose not to use this service immediately and €1100 has already been bought on your birth list? Then we will send all the gifts together in one delivery. You cannot save up deliveries.

You always activate the delivery from the online parenting module.
You can pick up the purchased birth list gifts at any time in the shop in Nazareth. To make sure this collection goes smoothly, it is best to plan a pick-up time via the pick-up button in the online birth list. That way, we make sure all your stuff is ready for you at the desired pick-up time so you don't have to wait in the birth list department.

In the shop in Hasselt, it is not possible to pick up birth list gifts, as we keep the gifts for the baby in the shop in Nazareth.
Definitely! On request, we provide the assembly of the furniture at your home. This service is of course paid. Would you like to receive a quote for this? Then please contact us by email.
Via the online baby gift registry tool
Via the settings in the online birth list tool, you can close your birth list immediately online and claim your 10% discount. Follow the simple steps and choose to pick up the remaining items or have them delivered to your home free of charge. After completing your birth list, you will automatically receive your 10% voucher in your mailbox.  

In the shop
You can choose to close your birth list in the shop in Nazareth or Hasselt. This is also the ideal time to visit the shop if you have any questions about the care of your baby, ... We are here for you and the new life that surrounds you. After completing your birth list, you will immediately receive the 10% voucher in your mailbox.

You can make an appointment in your online birth list, by email or by phone on 093811270.

In the Nazareth shop you can also take home the remaining items from your birth list. Do you complete your birth list in Hasselt? Then we will send the rest of your birth list items to you for free.
You can close your birth list at any time up to two months after the birth of your baby. Please close the birth list at the latest after these two months and receive your gift voucher for 10% of the birth list purchases. You can close your birth list online or visit the store by appointment, which you can schedule via the parent module.
After closing the birth list, the deposit (€100) that you paid when confirming the birth list will be automatically refunded within 14 days.
Is there a technical problem with your purchased product at the baby's corner? Would you like to request a repair for this?

Contact us and we help you as soon as posible!
When will my order be available? The delivery time depends on the order date and the availability of the articles.

Request the delivery time here. We will notify you as soon as possible.
If you choose to pick up your order at the Nazareth shop, we will keep the ordered items aside for you for a maximum of 2 months. After two months your order will expire and you will no longer be able to collect the goods. This period starts from the moment the order is available for collection, of which you will always be informed by e-mail.